Homemade Granola Bars The athlete's way

I often get questions about my eating habits. Food is for sure a really trendy topic in our society right now and even more in the sports world. The Internet is full of resources on healthy eating, and this is why I wanted to give my opinion about it and also present to you my new project that includes my two passions- cycling and food! READ MORE

My essential travel recipe The chia seed theory

I never travel without my bag of Chia seeds, for me it’s a staple. Many people often ask me about this super food which until recently was not so well known. I must confess that PRANA offers the best description of this superfood, along with its nutritional benefits and different culinary use. READ MORE

The vegan lifestyle That actually works for athletes

It’s a rare occasion that I actually blog about my personal diet, which is odd seeing as I am a dietitian. But I suppose I spend so much time helping others with their nutrition that I don’t think too hard about how I eat as I have always been keen on eating a whole-foods, unprocessed, and balanced diet. READ MORE

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