Time to do something.

by Rosanna Crawford on July 22, 2013

In less than 200 days the World is going to gather in Sochi, Russia and get ready for 2 weeks of competition. But what’s going on in Russia right now? “On July 3, Mr. Putin signed a law banning the adoption of Russian-born children not only to gay couples but also to any couple or single parent living in any country where marriage equality exists in any form.” What are we as Canadians saying by going to Russia? Does it say that we agree with what Russia is doing? Does it say that it doesn’t matter as long as we bring home as many gold medals as possible? I myself don’t feel comfortable competing in Russia. Even just from writing this blog post I could be arrested when I get to Russia, because I support LGBT rights. “Mr. Putin signed a law allowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and detain them for up to 14 days.”

So now what? Not only is Russia going to be insanely over budget, getting their money from who knows where, treating their foreign workings horribly, but now this? What is it going to take for the World to notice and do something about it?

As of today we have seen some info in media from the IOC (International Olympics Committee)  pushing back against Putin and his new laws. “The Olympic Committee said in their response that it will “work to ensure” that the Sochi Games take place without discrimination against LGBT participants, and that “athletes of all sexual orientation will be welcome at the Olympic Games.” ” But what about the people who live in Russia? Who are trying to raise a family there? What will happen to them when the World packs up and leaves on February 24th?

So please if you feel like this is something important to you, spread the word, educate your self and don’t sit back and think it’s not your problem because they are on the other side of the World. We are very lucky to live in Canada and get the freedom we have.

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