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2014 Olympics Schedule – Best Canadian Medal Chances Week 1

by Suzanne Sewell on February 5, 2014

With Canada attempting to Own The Podium once again, there are numerous medal chances. If I wrote each one down, the schedule would be almost the same as the complete one. Here are a few of those medal chances.

Medal ceremonies will be televised daily on Ici RDI at 11am and 9pm starting Saturday Feb 8.

(Check your local channel lineup – Rogers Toronto channel 612/613HD) No announcement on whether CBC will be showing the medal ceremonies. A medal ceremony is probably amazing no matter what language it is presented in.

If you are French speaking and/or a fan of Objectif Sotchi - Marc Durand will have a one hour recap every evening at 5pm and 11pm on Radio-Canada.

This schedule does not include curling and hockey who have round robin preliminary rounds. Medals will be awarded in week 2. Click here for that schedule.

Events in red show when medals are decided. #GoCanadaGo

Thursday February 6

Snowboard Slopestyle (Qualification) 6-9am CBC [live 1am Men, 5am Ladies] (finals Sat)

Moguls Ladies Qualification 9am CBC (finals Saturday)

Figure Skating Team Event – Men’s and Pairs 10:30am-2pm CBC  (finals on Sunday)

Saturday February 8

Snowboard Slopestyle 
Men’s Finals 3:45am-5am CBC
***Mark McMorris, Sebastien Toutant, Maxence Parrot, Charles Reid

Figure Skating Team Event
9:30am-2:05pm SN (encore 7pm SN)
(finals on Sunday)

Moguls Ladies 
Qualification #2 8:45am SN1
Finals1-2:30pm CBC
***Dufour-Lapointe sisters, Audrey Robichaud

Sunday February 9

Alpine Skiing Downhill Men’s 
2:00-4:15am CBC
***Erik Guay, Jan Hudec, Manny Osborne-Paradis, Ben Thomsen, and more
Anything can happen in the downhill, you don’t want to miss it!

Snowboard Slopestyle Ladies Finals 
4:00-5:25am TSN (4:15-5:15 CBC)
***Spencer O’Brien, Jenna Blasman

Figure Skating Team Event
10am-1:15pm CBC (encore 7:30-10:30 TSN2)
***Patrick Chan, Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Kaetlyn Osmond (possibly others will also perform)

Monday February 10

Short Track Speed Skating 
Men & Women heats 4:45-7:30am CBC
***1500m final Charles Hamelin, Michael Gilday, François Hamelin

Alpine Skiing Super Combined Ladies 
Run 1 Downhill 1:55-3:30am TSN (2:30-4:45am CBC)
Run 2 Slalom 5:55-7:10 TSN2 (7:30-8:45 CBC)
***Marie-Michèle Gagnon (possibly Marie-Pier Prefontaine, Erin Mielzynski, Elli Terwiel, Britt Phelan)

Luge Women
Run 1 & 2 9:30am-12:40pm SN1 (4-5pm CBC)
Run 3 & 4 on Tuesday Feb 11

Moguls Men’s 
8:55-10:20 SN (9-9:45 CBC)
1-2:35pm Finals CBC
[live Qualification 1- 9am, Qualification 2 9:50am, finals start at 1pm]
***Mikaël Kingsbury, Alex Bilodeau, Marc-Antoine Gagnon, Philippe Marquis

Tuesday February 11

Ski Slopestyle Ladies 
Qualification 00:55-2:25am TSN (3:15-3:45am CBC)
Finals 3:55-5:05am TSN (4-5am CBC)
***Kaya Turski, Dara Howell, Kim Lamarre, Yuki Tsubota

Cross-Country Skiing  4:45-5:50am SN, 6:45-8:50am SN (8am-8:45 CBC)
Ladies - Sprint Free
*Qualification 5am, Quarterfinals 7am, Semifinals 7:56am, Finals 8:22am
***Chandra Crawford, Perrianne Jones, Dasha Gaiazova, Heidi Widmer, Emily Nishikawa, Amanda Ammar
Men – Sprint Free
*Qualification 5:25am, Quarters 7:25am, Semis 8:06am, Finals 8:30am
***Alex Harvey, Devon Kershaw, Ivan Babikov, Lenny Valjas, Jesse Cockney, Graeme Killick

Figure Skating Pairs Short
9:45am-1:25pm SN (2-3pm CBC)
Free program on Wednesday Feb 13
***Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch, Paige Lawrence & Rudi Swiegers

Luge Women’s 
Run 3 of 4 9:30-10:30am CBC
Run 4 of 4 11-12:45pm TSN (11:30am-12:30pm CBC)
***Alex Gough, Kimberly McRae, Arianne Jones

Wednesday February 12

Luge Doubles 
9am-11:35am SN (3-4pm CBC)
***Justin Snith & Tristan Walker

Figure Skating Pairs 
Free 10:45-2pm TSN (12:15-1:45pm CBC)
***Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford, Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch, Paige Lawrence & Rudi Swiegers

Thursday February 13

Short Track Speed Skating 
Men and Women heats/semis 6-7:15am CBC [live 5am-7:30am]
***500m Finals Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais, Jessica Hewitt

Speed Skating 
1000m Ladies 8:55-10:40am TSN2 (10-11am CBC)
***Christine Nesbitt, Kali Christ, Kaylin Irvine, Brittany Schussler

Luge Team Relay 
11am-12:30am SN1 (3-4pm CBC)
***Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Justin Snith & Tristan Walker

Friday February 14

Figure Skating 
Men’s Free Program 10-2:30pm TSN
***Patrick Chan, Kevin Reynolds, Liam Firus

Saturday February 15

Short Track Speed Skating 
4:55-7:55am TSN (6-7:30am CBC)
***Ladies’ 1500m Finals: Valérie Maltais, Marianne St-Gelais, Marie-Eve Drolet
***Men’s 1000m finals: Charles Hamelin, Olivier Jean, Charle Cournoyer

Week 2 schedule to follow

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